Kurzemes Pavasaris sprint

Bulletin 1

Latvian Sprint Cup Stage 1

World Ranking Event (WRE)

April 2, 2022


Latvian Orienteering Federation, SIA “O! Latvija”, OK Saldus, DR-Krasts
Supported by: Liepāja Sports Board
Event director: Matīss Ratnieks
Chief secretary: Mārtiņš Dūdelis (m.dudelis@gmail.com)
Map maker: Ilgvars Caune
Course planner – Rūdolfs Zērnis (OK Saldus)
Start team and course setters – Jānis Bethers (DR-Krasts)


IOF Event Adviser – Jurģis Krastiņš
National controller – Ainārs Lagzdiņš


Event centreParking area next to “Lielais dzintars” concert hall
Saturday, April 2
17:00 Registration at the Event centre is open
18:00 First start
20:00 Prize giving


Sprint is going to take place in the centre of Liepāja. Terrain – mixed building area, irregular street network and a park. The terrain is mostly flat, no significant ascent.
Average temperature in the beginning of April is about +5° C. Sunset on April 2 in Liepaja at 20:17. There is a slight possibility of a thin snow cover.

MAP (The old map)

Map maker: Ilgvars Caune
Map surveyed: in 2022
Scale 1:4000, contour interval: 2m
Embargoed area: here
Map “Liepāja” LOF 1343_2020 is embargoed until 20:00 on April 2.
There is partial embargo in the area. It is allowed to enter and to stay on the embargoed area before 2 p.m.on April 2. Training with a map and route choice testing is not allowed.


MW 12; 14; 16; 18; 20; 21E, 21; 35; 40; 45; 50; 55; 60; 65; 70; 75
OPEN 1 – a short and technically simple course
OPEN 2 – a course of medium complexity and length
OPEN classes have free start time between 18:00 and 19:00 and can register also at the event centre on the competition day.
The start draw for the M21E and W21E classes will be based on the IOF World Rankings on March 25th, 2022. The competitors will be divided into 3 or more groups, ranked in order based on WRE points. Within each group, lots are drawn to decide the start order. The best ranked group starts last.
The winning times are planned according to the IOF and LOF rules for FOOT-O events, which states winning times between 12 and 15 minutes for all categories.


Sportident touch-free/contact punching system is applied for all categories. SIAC cards are available for rent (fee 1.50 €). If no SI card number is indicated during the entry, a hired SIAC will be allocated automatically. In case of lost or damaged rented SIAC, the participant shall cover the full SIAC card value (65€) to organizers.


Online, deadline 23:59 March 28, 2022 via LOF.LV website.
Late entries or changes via e-mail: m.dudelis@gmail.com


*Entry fee should be paid via bank transfer! (See bank details below)**


Date of registration Entry fee
Līdz 28.03.2022 11 EUR

MW16-20, MW65-75, OPEN

Date of registration Entry fee
Līdz 28.03.2022 8 EUR


Date of registration Entry fee
Līdz 28.03.2022 6 EUR

*Fee includes LOF license payment.

  • OPEN classes can register also on the day of the event at the event arena for the last deadline entry fee
  • If the payment is made in cash on site at the day of competition, +50% will be charged extra (depending on registration date).
  • Entries made after 28.03.22 to the vacant places only. Late entries will be charged double compared to the last deadline fee.
  • The participation fees should be transferred to the bank account of O!Latvija not later than the corresponding entry deadline. The online entry is considered as a guarantee for the payment.
  • There will be no payment return if the entry is cancelled after the last deadline, the participant does not show up or the event is cancelled due Force majeure.

Bank details:
SIA "O! Latvija"
Reg. No. 40103795862
Address: Kleistu 18a-1, Rīga, LV-1067
Bank: AS Luminor Bank
Account: LV91RIKO0002930175825
If an invoice is required, please contact lof@lof.lv


The best three participants in each category will be awarded prizes from the sponsors. Prizes will be drawn in OPEN categories.


Each participant is responsible for their own health. Parents or their substitute authorities are responsible for those underaged.
The traffic in the town will not be stopped and the participants are responsible for observing traffic regulations.
Participants are not allowed to enter the competition area before the start - they should stay in the event centre, warm-up area or quarantine zone (if applicable). More details will follow in Bulletin 2.
Those finished are not allowed to communicate with participants who have not started yet and enter the embargoed area before the last participant has finished.
Choice of clothing and footwear - free.


WC and medical services.


Citizens of EU, EEZ and holders of Schengen area residence permit are not required a visa to enter the Republic of Latvia.

More information about visas available on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia: https://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/entry-latvia
Additional information: Ģirts Mamis, email: lof@lof.lv


Catering in Liepāja: https://liepaja.travel/en/eat-drink/where-to-eat/
Accommodation : https://liepaja.travel/en/plan/accommodation/


Public transport in Liepāja: https://www.liepajastransports.lv/en/public-transportation-in-liepaja
Travelling to Liepāja: https://liepaja.travel/en/plan/how-to-get-to-liepaja/


When applying for the event participants agree to be filmed and/or photographed and photo/video materials being published for advertising and marketing purposes. As well as they agree to their personal data being published in the participants’ and result lists.
English speaking contact: Matīss Ratnieks, email: info [at] olatvija.lv, phone +371-20252282
Event homepage: https://pavasaris.lv/en/sprints2022


The competition will take place in accordance with the COVID-19 restriction regulations set in the Republic of Latvia. Competitors are responsible for compliance with these rules.
When applying for the competition, each participant undertakes to strictly observe all epidemiological safety measures established in the Republic of Latvia to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection.
Current informartion for travellers to Latvia available at homepage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia: https://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/information-travellers-latvia-provisions-preventing-spread-covid-19

More details on Covid-19 rules and restrictions will follow in Bulletin-2