Classic Latvian orienteering terrain typical for the central part of Latvia and other locations of Courland. The terrain contains areas with large and distinct landforms that change to areas rich in details. Mixed forest with some parts of coniferous forest where the runnbility is good. Most of the terrain is covered with deciduous forest where the runnability varies from good to very limited due to fallen trees. However, due to early spring, the runnability on most parts of the terrain is good. There are areas with large and small marshes with mixed runnablity. The terrain has some forestry work, but most parts are covered with forest. Regular road and path network. There are small areas with scattered stones. Because the forest is a recreation area, many man-made features are found in the terrain. Only the most distinct features are mapped. Maximum height difference is 30 meters.

Samples of the map Pokaiņi (2012):

Part of terrain was mapped and previously used for orienteering events.
Previous map Pokaiņi (2012) is available here.