XX Kurzemes Pavasaris

Bulletin 1

Pokaiņi, Dobele municipality




Orienteering club "Saldus"
Latvian Orienteering Federation
Dobele municipality

Event Director: Oskars Zernis +37129455360, oskars9@inbox.lv
Results: Ainars Mankus
Start: Dainis Prieditis
Event Office: Maira Zerne, Inga Juknevica

Event advising

IOF Event Advisor: Guntars Mankus
National Controller: Aigars Vārna

Competition centre

The competition centre Is located in Pokaiņi recreation site – central part of Latvia and close to the border of Semigallia and Courland.
Distance is 100km from Riga and 15km from Dobele – Location (Google Maps)


31.03.2023. Training in relevant terrain - Biksti region

Possibility for training in relevant terrain with controls. Information will be updated on our competition webpage.

01.04.2023. Pokaiņi - middle distance

World Ranking Event (WRE) for MW21E
12:00 Opening ceremony
13:00Start of middle distance competition

01.04.2023. Kurzemes Pavasaris Sprint - Auce

Latvian Sprint Orienteering Cup Stage 1.
Sprint race is not counted in the total results of Kurzemes Pavasaris.
18:00 Start of sprint competition
Details about the sprint race are available in the sprint bulletin at https://pavasaris.lv/en/sprints-2023

03.04.2022 Pape - shortened long distance

10:00 Start of long distance competition
Around 13:30 Prize giving ceremony


Classic Latvian orienteering terrain typical for the central part of Latvia and other locations of Courland. The terrain contains areas with large and distinct landforms that change to areas rich in details. Mixed forest with some parts of coniferous forest where the runnbility is good. Most of the terrain is covered with deciduous forest where the runnability varies from good to very limited due to fallen trees. However, due to early spring, the runnability on most parts of the terrain is good. There are areas with large and small marshes with mixed runnablity. The terrain has some forestry work, but most parts are covered with forest. Regular road and path network. There are small areas with scattered stones. Because the forest is a recreation area, many man-made features are found in the terrain. Only the most distinct features are mapped. Maximum height difference is 30 meters.

Embargoed area

Map of the embargoed area can be found here. Strict embargo applies to the red indicated area

For all competitors, team officials and others who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the competitions, it is prohibited to enter the embargoed area.


Mapped between October 2022 and December 2022 according to ISOM 2017-2. Latvian Geospatial Information Agency digital elevation model (LIDAR) data was used to prepare the competition map.
Map maker: Leonīds Malankovs
Contour interval 2.5 m

Part of terrain was mapped and previously used for orienteering events. Previous map Pokaiņi (2012) is available here here.

Samples of the map Pokaiņi (2012):

Competition classes

Classes: M,W 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 21A, 21B, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
MW8 and 10 Taped course is marked with a plastic tape in the terrain and with a red line on the orienteering map, controls are placed beside the marking.
MW21B – technically easy course.

Open classes
OPEN 1 – technically difficult short course
OPEN 2 – technically difficult long course
EASY - Try orienteering! Technically easy course, suitable for beginners.
Entry to the OPEN and EASY classes possible in advance and also on the competition day in the area.


Middle distance 01.04.2023.

Course setter: Rudolfs Zernis
Map scale: 1:7 500 MW 8, 10, 12, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, OPEN1
Map scale: 1:10 000 MW 14, 16, 18, 20, 21E, 21A, 21B, 35, 40, 45, OPEN2

Long distance 02.04.2023.

Course setter: Oskars Zernis and Rudolfs Zernis
Map scale: 1:7 500 MW 8, 10, 12, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
Map scale: 1:10 000 MW14, 16, 18, 20, 21E, 21A, 21B, 35, 40, 45

Preliminary course lengths

Class Middle Long Class Middle Long
M8* 2.5 3.0 W8* 2.5 3.0
M10* 2.5 3.0 W10* 2.5 3.0
M12 3.0 4.0 W12 3.0 3.5
M14 3.5 5.0 W14 3.5 4.0
M16 4.0 7.0 W16 3.5 6.0
M18 5.0 10.0 W18 4.0 9.0
M20 5.0 10.0 W20 4.0 9.0
M21E 6.0 13.0 W21E 5.0 10.0
M21A 5.5 10.0 W21A 4.0 7.0
M21B 4.5 7.5 W21B 4.0 6.0
M35 5.5 10.0 W35 4.0 7.0
M40 5.0 9.5 W40 3.5 6.0
M45 5.0 9.5 W45 3.5 6.0
M50 4.5 8.0 W50 3.5 5.0
M55 4.5 8.0 W55 3.5 5.0
M60 4.0 6.5 W60 3.0 4.5
M65 4.0 6.5 W65 3.0 4.5
M70 3.5 5.0 W70 2.5 4.0
M75 3.5 5.0 W75 2.5 4.0
M80 2.5 4.0 W80 2.5 3.5
OPEN-1 4.0 5.0
OPEN-2 5.0 8.0
EASY 4.0 4.0

Expected winning times according to LOF and IOF (for MW21E) foot-o competition Rules.

Information for competitors in classes MW21E

The start draw for the M21E and W21E classes in both competition days will be based on the IOF World Rankings on March 27th, 2023. The competitors will be divided into 3 or more start groups, ranked in order based on their IOF Orienteering World Ranking points. Within each group, lots are drawn to decide the start order. The best ranked group starts last.

Entries and fees

Entry for all classes by using LOF online entry registration system. Entries will be opened in January 2023. When applying, you must indicate the participant's name, surname, group, club, LOF ODB number, personal SPORTIdent card number (or indicate that you are going to rent an SI card). MW21E athletes must provide their IOF ID number.

Payments must be made according to the entry deadline.

Entry fees and registration deadlines

Registration until 26.03.2023.

Registration date Both days One competition day
Until 26.03.2023 30 EUR 18 EUR
MW16–20, MW60–80
Registration date Both days One competition day
Until 26.03.2023 20 EUR 13 EUR
Registration date Both days One competition day
Until 26.03.2023 14 EUR 8 EUR
Registration date Both days One competition day
Until 26.03.2023 10 EUR 6 EUR

Registration after 26.03.2023 possible only on vacant places with a surcharge of +50% from standard fee.

Entry fee for OPEN classes - 10 EUR per day. There is no surcharge for OPEN class entries on the competition day.

Entry fee payments by bank transfer to the organizers bank account. Bank transfer shall include information about the competitor (or several competitors) for whom the entry fee is made.

Organizer and bank account details

Orienteering club "Saldus"
Kalnsetas street 6-1, Saldus, LV-3801
Registration number: 50008089151

Bank account info:
Bank: Swedbank
Bank account: LV77HABA0551009645960

Punching system

SPORTIdent AIR+. Controls will work in classic contact and contactless mode. Competitors usding own SI-cards must provide the card number at time of entry. Organizers will provide rental SIAC cards for an extra fee of 1eur per day. Please mark this in registration system during registration.

Prize giving

World Ranking Event (WRE): Prizes for the first three athletes in each class.

Two-day overall results: First three athletes in each class are awarded with prizes provided by our sponsors.

Prize money will be awarded for the top3 overall runners in M21E and W21E.
1.place – 150 EUR
2.place – 100 EUR
3.place – 50 EUR

Service at the competition centre

• First aid
• Water
• WC
• Shops
• Catering


Competitions participate on their own risk. During the race each participant takes full responsibility for their own health and actions. Parents or guardians are fully responsible for their children in the competition area and on the course.

By entering the competition, a competitor automatically agrees that any media material created at Kurzemes Pavasaris can be further used in any marketing or advertising activities. Additionally, a competitor agrees to the use of personal data (name, surname) by organizers when publishing competitor lists and results.


Competition arena is located between in Pokaņi recreation site, 15km from Dobele on road V1128. There is no public transport available in close access so traveling is only possible by own cars or busses. Arriving from Saldus direction on road A9 our recommendation is to use road V1130 starting from Kaķenieki. There will be signs guiding towards the arena from this location. Competitors arriving from Riga direction are recommended to follow road V1128 starting from Dobele. The competition arena is located very close to road V1128 and there will be organizer signs for guidance. Distance from parking to arena varies from 200m up to 500m. Please take this information into consideration while planning your day.


Latvia is a member of the European Union and EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Latvia. Participants who are not EU citizens may need a visa to enter Latvia. Additional information on visa-free entry into Latvia: https://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/consular-information/countries-and-territories-whose-citizens-may-enter-latvia-without-a-visa Information on obtaining a visa: https://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/consular-information/applying-for-a-visa

Accommodation, catering

Accommodation is available in hotels and guest houses in Dobele and Auce region. Please see: https://dobele.lv/en/content/sun-lives-dobele for tourism attractions, accommodation and restaurant alternatives in Dobele region.

Other options in Auce region can be found: https://www.auce.lv/en/


In the begging of April, the average temperature in Dobele region usually is between +1°C and +10°C. Likelihood of snow in the terrain in this period is low. Usually there is no snow in the terrain at this time of year.

Other information

No special regulations on clothing.

Contact information

Rudolfs Zernis
E-mail: rudolfs.zernis@gmail.com
Mobile: +37129350668